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A sign of things to come for SS12

The back seat of our car, naturally.

The back seat of our car, naturally.

Auroville, or the “City of the Dawn” is tucked away near Puducherry in Southern India. At the city’s center is this modern architectural marvel, the Matrimandir. Completed in 2008, the non-denominational temple, serves as a center of meditation and contains an inner “peace” chamber crafted completely out of white marble at its core.

(Source: TheseFields and Kurositas)

Our little Marimo: Flora Moe Mousses a Billes The Grouch

The dreamy prehistoric ocean floor

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary was a supposed zoophyte plant widely believed to have grown actual live lambs as its fruit. While depictions run rampant throughout history, this particular engraving from Athanasius Kircher is particularly charming.


A black rose headband against our wall