Nous Savons

Remember these?

Well, as a result of years of producing these lapel necklaces in our early years, we have hundreds of lapel-less suit jackets stashed in our closet for a rainy day like this one. After shooting the stink-eye towards the ugly upholstery on a set of our mid-century modern chairs for far too long, we found a great DIY solution to take care of the ugliness once and for all. Instructions are as follows, but just a caveat…we are by no means professional upholsterers and cannot be held accountable for any jankiness resulting from following our directions.

What you’ll need:

- A chair with a removable seat cushion

- A staple gun with extra staples

- A suit jacket (lapel-less or otherwise)

- A pair of scissors

- A screwdriver

Start with a chair that you want to reupholster. Make sure that the chair cushion is small enough to fit within the jacket shoulders.

Unscrew the seat from the chair.

You can choose to remove the old upholstery but we opted not to.

Remove the lining and shoulder pads from the blazer (Be careful on some blazers. The shoulder pads are sewn into the shoulder seams. Be sure not to undo that seam)

Lay the blazer on its back with its shoulders away from you.

Line up the straightest edge of the seat with the shoulders. Make sure that the top of the seat is facing down since that is the side that you will want to be covered.Try to center the seam in the back of the jacket with the center of the seat.

Place a staple in the middle of the top edge.

Working your way out, staple along the first edge of the seat.

Now go to the bottom. Pulling the material taut, put a staple in the center of the bottom edge.

Place a few more staples along the sides.

Turn the seat 90 degrees. Repeat the stapling process (Working from the center out, leaving all corners un-stapled. You’ll get to those later) Turn 180 degrees and staple the last side.

Trim material leaving a little bit of excess all around.

Time to do the corners!

Create pleats one at a time to make the excess material hug the corners, stapling each pleat as you go.

Repeat for each corner.

Trim or staple down any excess fabric, making sure the screw holes are not covered.

Replace chair frame on the seat.

Screw the whole shebang together.

The final product.